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Join Tung Sin Biomedical, you need to know

1. Tung Sin Biomedical members (below known as service) have to follow the services provided in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Member Services. The purpose of these terms is to protect the rights of the members as much as possible, and at the same time to ensure the contractual relationship between the company, product supplier as well as members.

2. When you complete the member registration procedures of Tung Sin Biomedical and start to use this service, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents and agreements of the terms of service. The revised terms and conditions of this service will be published on the service website. It is recommended that you have to pay attention to those revisions or changes at any time. When you continue to use this service after revision or change, it is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to accept such revision or change. If you are under the age of 20, you should register as a member, use or continue to use the service after your parent (or guardian) has read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents in the agreement and subsequent amendments.

3. According to the prompts of the service registration form, you have to provide your correct and up-to-date information and there is no repeated registration and login.

4. Update your personal information in real time to ensure accuracy in order to get the best service. If you provide any wrong, false or incomplete information, Tung Sin Biomedical have the right to suspend or terminate your account and deny you to use all or part of this service.

5. Tung Sin Biomedical members must cooperate with the income declaration (individual income tax).

6. Members who have registered for this service shall not use the name of the service to execute, sell, privately owned or provide false information.

7. The first time a member receives an reward, within three months from the first time when the reward is available, please log in to member and fill in Bank info and upload the "review related information.

If the time is exceeded, Tung Sin Biomedical has the right to  deemed as a member voluntarily waiving the right to receive the award.

System Interruption or Failure

1. The Tung Sin Biomedical website may be interrupted or malfunctioning, which may cause inconvenience, loss of information, errors, distortion, or other economic losses. You are advised to take protective measures when using the Tung Sin Biomedical website. Tung Sin Biomedical will not be liable for any damages caused by your use (or unable to use) Tung Sin Biomedical website.

Copyright Protection

1. Any information, programs and services in the Tung Sin Biomedical website are protected by copyright, and no individual is allowed to use, copy, reproduce, publish, modify, distribute, announce, upload, change or use in other ways. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, and product names are exclusive for the property of Tung Sin Biomedical. Any use or misuse is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of Tung Sin Biomedical.

User Action

1. You promise that you will never use any electronic services on the Tung Sin Biomedical website for any illegal purpose or in any illegal way, and promise to comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China and all international practices when using the Internet. If you are a user outside the Republic of China, you should agree to comply with the laws and regulations of your country or region. If you accidentally violate the relevant laws and regulations, you agree to bear the relevant legal responsibilities yourself. In addition, you agree and promise that you will not use Tung Sin Biomedical website to engage in acts that infringe others rights or violate the law, including but not limited to:

2. Announce or send any libel, insult, threaten, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, violate public and good customs, or other illegal text, pictures or any form on Tung Sin Biomedical;

3. Infringe on the reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, other intellectual property rights and others rights;
   1. Violation of confidentiality obligations under the law or contract;

   2. Violation of Tung Sin Biomedical Code of Practice;

   3. Use the electronic service of Tung Sin Biomedical website in the name of another person;

   4. Transmit or spread computer viruses;

   5. Engage in illegal transactions or posting false or criminal information;

   6. Sell guns, drugs, prohibited drugs, pirated software or other prohibited items;

   7. Provide gambling information or induce others to participate in gambling;

   8. Spam advertising emails;

   9. Other actions deemed inappropriate by Tung Sin Biomedical for legitimate reasons;

4. Protection Policy of Copyrights
Your personal information will be regulated and protected based on the Tung Sin Biomedical website’s Protection policy.

5. Download Software or Information
After downloading the materials from the Tung Sin Biomedical website, use them accordingly with the relevant of the Copyright Law.

Safety of Personal Information

1. If you agree to provide your personal information, you can apply and register as a member of this website. After you registered, you can log in to this website to carry on related activities and shopping.

2. You should guarantee that the information provided to this website is complete and correct. If there is any change in your personal information, you must log in and change it or else contact customer service for help. If you provide any incorrect or wrong information, the company has the right to suspend or terminate your membership and deny to provide services to you.

3.You have the obligation and responsibility to keep your member account and password properly. You should update your password from time to time and not leak, lend, transfer, share or provide it to a third party in any other way, and you should log out after each use to avoid others from fraudulent use. You have the responsibility for all activities after logging into the online platform of this website (relevant website) with the member account and password except those that can be proved by a third party and are not attributable to you. If your account is stolen due to the reasons not attributable to the company and caused your personal losses, the company will not be liable for compensation.

4. In the event of the prior situation or the loss of your account password, you should immediately notify this site and report the loss. Orders or fees incurred before your notification will not be exempted. If the company is failure to prevent the situation because of the delayed notification, the member shall be fully responsible for all losses caused.

Collection and Protection of Personal Data

The company complies with the Personal Data Protection Law, relevant laws and regulations to provide registration, website login, product ordering, marketing (including but not limited to: inform activities, product messages, bonus points), usage surveys and statistics data, research, customer service and follow up users, or in each of the following situations. You agree that, the company, this website (and related websites), its affiliates, partners, and vendors may collect, process, save, transmit, and use your personal information (including but not limited to: name, ID number, contact information, email, date of birth, gender, address, etc.) during the use of this service within the scope of legal restrictions, IP address, cookie and usage activities, purchased product):

1. According to laws and regulations or subject to procuratorial investigations, judicial organizations or other competent organizations will be based on legal procedures.

2. To protect the legal rights of other website users or third parties in an emergency.

3. To maintain the normal operation of this website.

4. In order to provide the necessary information of the companys related services, such as cash flow, logistics, or other third-party cooperation companies.

5. Website users have the situation of the violation of government laws or the terms of use of this website.

6. The company and this website are linked to each other, except out of links from other websites, so that the terms of use and privacy regulations of this website are not applicable.


1.The agreement is delayed due to the attributable reasons of the website user, and the circumstances are serious.

2. Provide wrong or incorrect information during log in.

3. Falsify or alter this agreement or related documents.

4. Steal credit cards or embezz financial accounts without their permission.

5. Refuse to pay for the "Cash on Delivery" for no reason, more than three times.         

6. The companys website has determined that there is a malicious operation situation.

7. Harassing, insulting, intimidating and misconduct on the companys website.

8. The company’s website has been deemed malicious and the company has reported to the police.

9. Those who do not agree with the agreement without a valid reason.                          

10. Fixed market price: Members are required to follow the companys price for sales, and strictly not raise or drop the price in the market. Otherwise, the company has the right to terminate and cancel the membership once confirmation.

11. Prohibition of membership transfer: Members are not allowed to transfer, sell, lend their member account for third parties to do other use.

12. Misconduct: It is a prohibition if they are suspected that they gain improper profits such as malicious complaints suppliers, malicious returns and exchanges, abnormal transactions, extortion suppliers, improper selling.The member’s behaviour has affected the company’s image and also its member rights.   

13. Prohibition of improper publicity: It is forbidden to carry improper publicity by using the companys name and trademark without the company authorization to confuse the public and affect the company and its members.  

14. Illegal funds: It is forbidden to post on any online platform that may mislead users and seriously affect the companys image such as selling, investing, recruiting, joining, marketing, and raising funds from others. Member registration is free, and the upgrade membership is  after members join the official website’s operation.           

15. Specific prohibited actions:
(1) Introduce others to participate in an improper way.

(2) Raise funds from others by using the name of this service.

(3) Mislead people that it is an investment or similar activities.

(4) Lead people to misunderstand that there is an employment opportunity.

(5) Misuse the surveys and methods to carry market and consumer behavior .

(6) Do sales activities that violate the public order or good customs.

(7) Improper interview and affects consumer rights.  

Deals with Breach of Agreement

(1). You have agreed to the above clauses. If there is a rules violation, the company has the right to cancel the membership. The company’s website does not bear any obligations or responsibilities to you or a third party.

(2). You agree to terminate your account and password (or any part of it) according to your own consideration for any reason or Tung Sin Biomedical has deemed that you have violated the electronic terms of use of the Tung Sin Biomedical website.

Tung Sin Biomedical may make its own considerations to notify you in a text message "Due to violations of related clauses, Tung Sin Biomedical will terminate your account and password. Please contact Tung Sin Biomedical within 14 days to get back your ordered products and rewards. ", and terminate your electronic service on Tung Sin Biomedical website or any part of it at any time. You must contact Tung Sin Biomedical as soon as possible within 14 days to get back your ordered products and rewards. If you do not do it within 14 days, it means that you give up all the membership rights in our company.

You agree that the termination process according to the term of use of the electronic services provided by the Tung Sin Biomedical website. You acknowledge and agree that Tung Sin Biomedical will delete your account, all related information in your account and files, and stop you using the electronic service of Tung Sin Biomedical website. In addition, you agree that if the termination of use of the electronic service of Tung Sin Biomedical website, Tung Sin Biomedical will not be liable to you or any third party.

The validity of this agreement and the court of jurisdiction:

1. You should agree to the companys membership terms, privacy policy, various announcements on this website and relevant restrictions on the transaction except agreed terms out of this agreement.

2. Orders, transactions or related consumer activities you make on this website, as well as the terms of this agreement are governed by the laws of the Republic of China. If you are involved in litigation, you agree that the Taichung District Court in Taiwan shall be the first court of instance jurisdiction.

3.This website reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time. The change terms will be announced on the website without further notice; if you continue to order or perform other activities on this website, you will be deemed and have understood, agree to the revised terms.

4. If there is a lack in this agreement form, it shall be interpreted, added and handled according to the laws of the Republic of China.